World Tour

AI-Samurai was originally designed for the events and conferences to be held in different countries around the world, to provide visitors the information of the venue, navigation of games, and other recommendations.

AI-Samurai is equipped with the AI system called "A.I. Galleria" that enables it to recognize a person from the portrait image and interact appropriately in real time.

Starting from the international event "SXSW Interactive 2016" to be held in March 2016, AI-Samurai will start his pilgrimage to the world in search of realistic dialogues with humans.

Multimodal Interaction Engine: A.I.Galleria
Multimodal Interaction Engine consists of the multiple artificial intelligence technologies, which allow recognizing the person from the image and interacting verbally with it in real time. It has the face recognition, personal recognition and natural language processing technology to achieve the optimization of the conversations according to the speaker.

Where is the right solution defining the way a human and artificial intelligence interact?
We believe it's only in the realistic dialog channels among them, not merely in theories and formulas. Therefore, Nextremer has decided to leave for a world tour, as a quest for finding the answer to this challenging question comes from our spirits.

During the tour, our buddy, names AI-Samurai, will relentlessly take up the challenges in the real world through the conversations with people from around the globe. The Samurai without a sword will hence force interact with humans and keep seeking the ultimate answer for the harmonious coexistence.

How do we look like to the AI-Samurai's eyes?
How the robot recognizes us, and what kind of processing is running in it at this instant? We think it is important to visualize the visions from a robot to let people know what is going on in its visions. When you seek interaction from the other, first you must provide it to the counterpart. As we experience the visional information from the robot in real time, we believe we can break the wall between AI-Samurai and achieve a more intimate dialog.
How far does the robot understand us?
That has been a secret information in the robot's brain perhaps you have never known. However, we try to express it in the forms of a robotic drive, vision and voice. Besides, we try to present the recognition and understanding of the robot through the number of dialogs in such way that people can feel them; and one day you will know that the robot, this rustic guy, is gradually optimized for taking your messages in its style.
What's your name? How's today's weather?
Do you suppose to be absorbed in such conversations? That again, with a robot? Therefore, the robot should also trigger a conversation. One of such attempts we have implemented is "Warlords Diagnosis." In this quiz-style diagnosis, the robot will ask you a few simple questions and come up with the name of a popular Japanese warlord from the Warring States period (in medieval Japan, 1467-1568) resembling your nature. Although there are still many challenges, AI-Samurai will prove you how important it is to be courageous to take the first step in every new thing, and his growth.